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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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up from saint elizabeth's hospital, there are a lot of businesses along here, and witnesses say before noon, the two men were going at it. one described to number his mid- 30s, and one of the men didn't like it and he left to get a gun. when he came back, he opened fire. martin luther king jr. avenue was alive with shoppers and pedestrians before 91. when witnesses say the men began horsing around in front of the pizza place. >> it was -- and with the guys, playing around and horsing around. they got them to stop. >> reporter: that is when witnesses say the one who didn't like it left to get a gun. when he returned, the man opened fire striking the victim several times. >> and that is terrible, but -- and sometimes the guy has to know when to stop playing. >> reporter: the busy street was quickly shut down as police saturated the area. one woman who said she knows the victim showed up on the scene in hopes of learning his condition. he's a good guy.
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he's a young guy and i have known him since he was five years ole. >> she wanted to get the police in touch with the man's mother. and he never does anything to anyone as far as i know. >> reporter: the gunman took off and the victim is expected to survive. >> well, i mean, we have shootings that take place from time to time and it's not the first we had and probably won't be the last one we had. we're asking for the public's help. >> reporter: nobody else was harmed in the assault. and we're getting the impression the police know who they're looking for. the last check, and we haven't got annan update. at last check, the police were still looking for the shooter and we don't believe he's under arrest at this point. >> reporter: when i think of horseplay and rough housing, it's friendly, fun and, clearly, this was not fun for one of the guys. were they buddies? do we know what relationship
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they had? >> and i have not gotten a real good feel for, that laura. at least one of the men, one who was shot apparently spends quite a bit of time here on martin luther king avenue and people seem to know him and they told us his name and we don't know about the shooter but believe the police do. >> still an investigation is underway. thank you. and in maryland, a pickup truck crashed into a building in hyattsville that caused two stores to close down. rescue crews say a woman appears to have had some sort of medical emergency before crashing into the arctic carryout. the restaurant and liquor store next door are now closed until inspections and repairs are made and we're told the driver only has minor injuries. a montgomery county school bus bursts into flames on southbound 270 near montrose road. fortunately no students were on board and no one was hurt. the driver was taking the bus to a repair shop. the car his to use the shoulder of the road to get around and that did backup traffic for
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more than a mile. a devastating fire, the fire started at the washington yacht club on m street and destroyed four boats causing extensive damage. sherri ly has more. >> reporter: the four burned boats at the bottom of the anacostia river, sing by an early-morning fire at the washington yacht club. parts of the wreckage are visible above water. steve rick's 42-footer was the last to burn. >> and some plus and it's a part of everyone in the family. all the way down to my grandchildren. >> reporter: firefighters attacked the flames by land and by two fireboats. theyup tied several from the dock and set them free to keep them from catching fire, too. boat owners were helpless to stop it. >> i am still in shock. i just renovated the boat and everything did is gone. >> reporter: the fire started on one boat and quickly spread
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to the others nearby. >> we have collateral damage. again, you know, this is pretty combustible material, fiberglass, plastics, fuel, a lot of hazardous material. >> reporter: people could see the flames from northbound highways and bridges. it was bright, the fire broke people liveing aboard the marina and no one was hurt. >> i am and all of us for the and thankful none of the boats spread oned. >> reporter: the burned powerboats, two more than 30 feet and the others larger than fort feet, they're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is devastating to see. >> there is nothing left. one boatenner said they were fortunate people were liveing aboard the boats here the fire otherwise, they may not have been the only boats destroyed. the entire marina could have burned. sherri ly, fox 5 news. following a developing
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story out of new york. the investigators are look for the cause of a deadly bus crash. it left d.c. yesterday headed for niagara falls two. people were killed when the bus flipped over on why i-by-93 and upstate new york sunday afternoon. 30 passengers were on board and they believe a tire blew out causing the driver to lose control. >> a hot day out there. you have been outside. the sun was beating down on the national mall and across the d.c. area and that did not keep the tourists or joggers away. by the end of the week, though, we're going be feeling the. he fox 5s gary mcgrady is in the weather center with more on the forecast. gearing up, huh? >> reporter: today would be considered a treat by thursday and friday and into the weekend. there is some hot stuff out west and that is still going to move in our direction and that is bolled up and we'll make a move toward the east coast and let's show you in terms offul thes, it's not if -- of
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temperatures, it's not that bad. i know it's hot, don't get me wrong, but it's above normal and cooler for gathers bug. just about everyone in the lower 90s, monasses in the lower 90s and look what happens when you factor in the humidity. we'll have temperatures in the upper 90s, and fredericksburg is coming in at basically $100 degrees and what it feels like and check out the nation's mid- section, wichita, 102 and this is not the heatp detective. in some cases, it's 105 to 115 degrees out there in spots. and that is very, very miserable and there is a big area of hot high pressure of the nation's big nation and that stays out there the next few days and bite end of the week, this core of heat will be coming over into the east coast and especially the mid-atlantic and i am thinking record-high
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temperatures by thursday and friday and&into the weekend, too and -- and into the weekend, too. we have thunderstorms in the forecast tonight, and may bring us at least some cooling before that gets here. lots to talk about coming up. laura. >> stock up on the ice and keep your --ia. >> -- . >> yeah. >> all that stuff. and some heat advisories are given. >> without a doubt and may have some heat warnings, which we don't get often. nothing is issued yet and we're going to get them before the end of the week. >> could be dangerous. all right. >> yeah. >> and see you soon. the extreme heat means trash collection will start an hour earlier. the trash crews started at 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:00 a.m. and if you live in d.c., remember to put your trash and recyclables out the night before to make sure they're collected. the clock on the debt ceiling debate is ticking down to that august 2nd deadline. if lawmakers can't reach a deal, the government could default on the loops for a first time in history.
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instead of progress, there were more accusations being thrown between democrats and republicans today. tom fitzgerald is back from capitol hill and where are we on this? >> reporter: there were more talks and the fact is there were no breaks in how to raise the debt ceiling. democrats, as you know, were still demanding the tax hikes on the wealthiest part of the larger deal and republicans -- republicans say they won't go along with that, they want larger spending cuts. the focus today, though, shifted to the capitol where house republicans are to introduce a bill tomorrow tieing any debt ceiling agreement to a balanced budget amendment. the white house quickly put out word that even if that proposal got through the democratically- controlled senate, the president would veto it and while both sides seem to agree that politics is holding up a final agreement, the president and republicans continue to trade jabs over who was responsible for the delay. >> we can't let politics stand
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in the way of do the righting this in washington. we can't stand it in the way of deficits and that is why i want to make sure payroll taxes don't go back up next year. >> the politician desires get in the way of what is best for the country. we know that. you see it every day. what i'm saying, it's time for a new day. pot ticks need -- politics needs to stop. the president's politics need to stop and the had beens of congress. >> for his part, senator coburn announced his own plan for resolving the debt ceiling and while republicans called for a $2 trillion deal, democrats want a $4 trillion deal and senator coburn said he wanted a deal with $9 trillion in cuts judge. and we have heard of different sets of plans. is that their is any planta moves forward? >> the one that is most likely is the one we heard about last
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week, the short-term deal that maybe in the works. senator mcconnell's plane that would allow the congress to grant the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own, and that one exit, if it can't get what it wants to otwhite house side and what they want, senator mcconnell's plan, may be the only way out is to not agree on the details j. we'll be watching. thank you, tom fitzgerald. developing right now some brand-new fallout. top cops stepping down. that is the latest. the latest from london is next. >> after three years behind bars, casey anthony is a free woman today. where is the florida mother now? keep yet here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> we're following new developments in the phone hacking scandal rocking great britain. the whistle-blower reporter who alleged widespread hacking at the news of the world has been found dead. and so far, police don't think that shawn horzs death is suspicious. meanwhile, a second high- profile resignation at scotland yard in connection with the scandal. amy kellogg has the latest from loopop. >> reporter: first, scotland yard's top officer sir paul
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stevenson tenders his relationship. one day later, john yates does the same. both men saying continueing on the job with intense media attention would be a distraction to the work at hand. they defended themselves on their way out. >> i have acted with complete integrity. i am a people -- and the people who know me, know that my intension rity is completely in tact. >> reporter: the london mayor said the resignations are necessary. >> both cases we have to recognize that the next source of questions of the relationships between the mets and the news of the world was likely to be distracting for both officers in the run up to the olympic games. >> reporter: allegations against the news of the world which recently shut its doors, include hacking into voice mails and private information of a range of people from prime ministers to celebrities and royal staff members. prime minister david cameron under pressure to defend his hiring of former news of the world editor andy coleson and said he will address parliament in a emergency session on
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wednesday. >> the metropolitan police service inquiry must go where jeff the evidence leaves. >> reporter: rebekah brooks, the former editor and until recently scenor -- senior executive also arrested over the weekend. >> they put no allegations to her and showed her no documents connecting her with any crime. >> reporter: rupert murdoch, who runs news corp ray, the parent company of fox news and his son james, as well as rebekah brookes will is the before a parliamentary panel tomorrow as british lawmakers try to get to the bottom of the hacking allegations. in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> and news corp is the parent company of fox 5. a murder indictment could come this week against a man accused of kidnapping and dismembering a eight-year-old brooklyn boy. police are still removing evidence the-from-the suspect's home. ty wa chang has more on this. ty wa? >> reporter: 30, a half hour
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ago, the lawyers reprinting them. after talking to the client. they said he still hears voices and tries to drown them out by listening to music. the two lawyers hired by his family went to the central control psychiatric ward of bellevue hospital. for a couple of hours, they met with their client and this is the first meeting they had with him. >> this is the first opportunity we have, really, to set down with him and have a conversation with him. our goal is to get an idea what his mental capacity is the. >> reporter: on friday, the judge ordered his mental evaluation to see if he's competent to stand trial. the mental competency requires the ability to understand the charges filed and that one is involved in the legal proceedings. earn's lawyer said they will seek an epsanity plea for the client who admitted to police me smothered and dismembered the the boy. >> there were time when is he was clear and knew about his childhood and seemed it was
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without incident. it was normal. if you want to say that and there were times when we asked legal and poignant questions where he was extremely intro verted and he was not able to answer. >> reporter: at the home in the kensington section of brooklyn, crime scene investigators continued going through the apartment collecting evidence. over the weekend, investigators seemed to focus on his living room as the place that klesky was murdered. a couch, chairs, mattress were confiscated with the 35-year- old computer. one nashed six months ago aaron tried to lure his young son into a car. >> we didn't know who it was and were not sure if my son was exaggerating or not and asked him to come for a ride. he asked your son to get in for a ride? right. >> did you file a complete -- complaint with the nypd or sean rim? >> we didn't have a license plate to file a complaint with. >> how long ago did this interaction happen?
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>> a half year ago. >> we're still awaiting a brooklyn grand jury's decision on whether or not to indict earn for first-degree murder and kidnapping. ty wau chang, fox 5 news. >> from what we heard, seems like there is a configure. any idea why the grand jury hasn't indicted him? >> reporter: one suspicion is that the brooklyn county district said he was trying to be careful because there were so many prosecutors losing places. a couple of cops got off and the casey anthony case in florida. all right, thank you. and speaking of casey anthony, she's a free woman tonight and there is still no word where the mother is now hiding out. and anthony was released from jail after midnight on sunday and acquitted. one of the lawyers said they came up with an elaborate plan to keep her from the people in the public being so angry and she and her legal team received
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death threats. anthony, though, may not be able to heed out for long. she's facing several lawsuits, one by a texas group that searched for caylee in the weeks after she was reported missing and prosecutors are looking to recoupe the cost of their investigation into caylee's disa piece. we're following new developments in a cheating report out of atlanta. 178 teachers and principals ched on state standardized testing in 2009. and today, the city's interim school superintendent said that those educators have until wednesday to resign or be fired. prosecutors in three atlanta counties are weighing whether to file criminal charles against the teachers and principals. >> and we have been talking about it. are you ready for it? the mercury is going to climb more. and the extreme heat is not here yet. gary is taking a sneak peek at what is on tap for tonight. still ahead. and the ripple affect of wicked weather leading to
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dozens of cancelled flights. what is being done to get damaged planes in the air next. beth? and sorry, was not paying tag. i was busy tweeting and meet a man tweeting any paying tag from maryland and is going to have a front-row seat to history. 
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>> take a rook at this cell phone -- take a look at the cell phone video. shows a hailstorm popping the airport. days later pounding the ain't. days later, dozens of frights are cancelled still and some passengers are not able to rebook the flights until the end of the week and one traveler said her husband waited in line at the counter whole she tried to get through the ticket agent on the phone and they're waiting for hours and clearly they're going to wait logger. what a mess. back here at he, we're dealing with a mess. the heat and humidity and that is unbearable.
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>> unbearable and i can't imagine what the rest of the week is going to look like. >> yeah. >> what is on top for tonight? >> this is nothing. we'll get to the real heat and lessen, this is where we go and show you that. nothing on it and that there is nothing on it. we switch to the radar, you will be able to see up to the north and these are live storms new coming down from the north to the west and moving out of the western sections of p.a., too and some severe thunderstorm warning went up south of pittsburgh. and they're coming in our direction. their will be a chance of thunderstorms this evening. primarily, the greatest threat is later on this evening and doesn't appear that anything is popping up right now and we'll go to the evening's forecast and about 90 degrees at 7:00 and that is going to be into
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the upper 90s and and even all night long we're going have to carry from the thunderstorm out there and falling into the lower 80s and eventually the mid-to upper 70s for lows and thunderstorms are in the forecast tomorrow and here comes the heat. the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> happy birthday to you. >> and the school children joining millions around the world wishing nelson mandela a happy birthday. the president and apartheid leader turns 93 today. two years ago, the united nations declared his birthday an international holiday and asked everyone to spend 67 minutes working in the community to commemorate the 67 years he spent in public service. it's almost time to say goodbye to nasa's space shuttle fleet. >> first, atlantis and her crew have to make it back here to earth. meet the local man ready to record history with the power
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of a tweet. plus, what happens to all of the airline baggage fees if your luggage gets loss. inside the push to get the money back. next.  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot.
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>> the crew of the space shuttle atlantis is packing up. the astronauts bid the crew aboard the international space station farewell. the shuttle has been docking for eight days and atlantis is expect dock tomorrow and head back thursday morning. this is the final mission. >> when that final shuttle landing happens, the man from our area will be month those watch in person. much to his surprise, his name was chosen. beth parker shows us how you can be a part of it, too.
5:30 pm
>> the news from nasa. >> great news. >> the final liftoff of atlanta. >> reporter: rocketed into his life via e-mail. >> you have been selected from the waiting list. attend the expected landing of bulge is atlantis. >> reporter: he is an remember army reserve of the and it contractor, a maryland resident and twitter fanatic. >> did you tweet you're sitting here with me? i haven't. >> i'm the twoing i'm here with you. and -- i'm tweeting i'm here with you. >> right. and my wife -- we have done this. we have greated each other. judge really? pretty romantic, huh? >> and no eye contact, nothing. >> is that working out for you? >> yeah. it will be 16 years in september. >> reporter: he is among the 50 people chosen randomly by nasa to tweet up. >> i typed as fast asec. save me a seat. >> and he'll be tweeting from a front-row seat at the final shuttle landing in florida.
5:31 pm
and i'm counting the hours. i keep getting nobodies your flight is coming up soon. >> he's excited about hearing a sonic boom and expects the reaction to be like -- . >> oh, my god j. he got hooked on twitter while deployed to iraq in 2828 and twitted things most of his friends hospital see, like a sand storm. >> and the guy turned orange and would get dark. >> reporter: he doesn't have a great camera for the launch. guess where he got help with that? >> a friend of mine on twitter said take my nikon. >> reporter: and he will fly to orlando wednesday night and the shuttle is expected to touch down at 5:58 on thursday. he'll be tired but not too tired for the eyes to be watching and fine. >> and beth parker, fox 5 news. >> that will be fun. by the way, to follow him or fox 5s beth parker, visit our website at an important traffic alert
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to tell you about now on road work that will disrupt travel. starting last night and the next few weeks, the maryland state highway administration will be closing one, and in some cases, two names between maryland 198 and maryland 212. one lane closes at 7:00 p.m., two at 11:00 p.m. and they will reopen by 6:00 a.m. for the morning commute. the construction and pavings will continue until mid-august. and one of the big frustrations, arriving at your destination without your luggage. the airlines can charge you baggage fees and keep your mean, ven if they do not get you your bags on time. fox's matt alvarez shows us what one wants to do to change. that. >> reporter: baggage fees like curse words for most. and what -- we don't have them, you know. every $25, 50 counts and that is ridiculous. >> reporter: adis trying to get to charlotte for his
5:33 pm
grandmother's funeral. he's tired, upset and does not feel like dealing with the extra hassle of shelling out extra cash. >> i was going to check in another bag and i'm going bring yet with me. the $25 waste of money. >> and it's that cash that the senator wants to make sure is returned to your pocket if the luggage you check doesn't get to you on time or at all. >> and when does does -- that luggage doesn't show up when you do, to sea you're goo going to keep the extra money is outreasoneous. >> reporter: now, the senator is sending a letter to all major airlines, requesting that they refund passenger baggage fees. kate with agrees with his stance. if you paid for your baggage to travel and it's supposed to arrive with you and it doesn't, you should be compensated somehow, at least by getting your baggage fee back. >> reporter: if an airline loses your baggage, that'll be forced to refund the baggage
5:34 pm
fee. passengers say that is not enough. >> and that is -- live that can't do their job, like we want to get to our destination on time, hey, they should refund it. and senator schumer said if the airlines don't request on that, he will introduce legislation to force them to do so. matt alvarez, folk 5 news. >> in tonight's health alert, a new clinical trial is underway for a new treatment for prostate cancer. it reduces the number of procedures from 40 to 5. the doctors use a tiny beacon and this neighborhood said he could not feel anything during the treatment. the former nfl players could be at more risk for always hooper's disease. they studied more than 500 retired pros and found 35% have mild cognitive impairment. nap athlete his similar impairments and displayed symptoms at a younger age. the doctor, the medical director of the enova medical
5:35 pm
center joins us to break this down. thank you for joining us. >> sure, happy to. >> hearing yet is alarming. is this the result of repeated head trauma? >> and we have always known it causes the impairment to look like alzheimer's disease. the question is, what is the mechanism behind it? it's probably not the same as degenerative alzheimer's disease but the punch drug that people know about in the past and we don't know how it happens or what the progression is and that is important to be on the lookout. >> and we have seen some other athletes. boxers. >> right. >> and that something happened with them. if not, the same thing as alzheimer's and about some elderly grandparents and that is the difference, it's's
5:36 pm
degenerative disease and pa thapart of the brain to cause you to lose memory and the punch drunk think this or epsyphilopathy that we think athletes have is a different mechanism and looks like a progress of thing and that is continuing to cause problems after the head trauma occurred and that is not the same as alzheimer's disease and we find it's going to take more research and to know how it's different from all timer's. >> when i -- alzheimer's. >> when was reading about this and not a parent of a college football player, what does yet say about them or little leagues where kids play football as young as six years old? and the biggest thing is how to
5:37 pm
take it seriously and those knee to be applied across the board from little league to the professional sports and repeated concussions increase a chance of later on and that is important to know you can't go to the game or have to try to shake yet off and be too tough to keep playing. you don't want to put yourself at wreck for that. and that is some good advice. dr. james, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. we'll be right back. s
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>> the forest is with one man as he treks across australia
5:41 pm
for charity and jacob french started the walk last thursday and it's a journey that adds up to 2500-miles and is hoping to raise over $50,000 for the star the storm trooper hopes to arrive at the destination by december. 62 years later, a bride to be said yes and they're getting married. she turned him down when he first proposed and was not ready for marriage. they split up and married others and found each other 60 years later when they were single again. >> today, i am going to be a new person. i am sorry, i will start a new life. i amgating herd today and i am marrying a minister. i felt myself that the lord brings us back together and to give us a second chance. >> you meant to be together,
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you will be and that they are happy because joseph treats their mother so well. >> i love that. 62 years. >> i love that. and she turned him down and they're back together again. >> and that is about the timing. crank up the ac and get the kids in the pool. it's about to get hot. >> and she means it. >> gary's tracking the extreme heat headed our way. the full forecast is coming up next.  the people who walked these streets before us
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>> welcome. the nfl stands for not for long and that might be true in the case of 125--day-old lockout. another week of intense meetings began with an end in sight. lindsay muffy is here with the -- lindsay murphy with here with more. >> reporter: this thursday is a huge day at the nfl, the date that league owners hope to vote and ratify a deal to end the four-month-old nfl lockout. it's not easy as signing a
5:46 pm
piece of paper. it's true, the lockout is cross to know end an end that is going to require a few days to selling all of the issues. the meetings took place in new york between the legal teams and staff for the owners and player as they go over details and language for a potentialel ismet. the nfl sent a memo to all 32 teams instructing key executives to attend thursday's owner's meetings in atlanta. if the owners ratify a new collective bargain agreement on thursday, the players will get a chance to do the same and once the lockout is lifted, the players can arrive at facilities, potentially as early as friday and the team activities can begin as early as monday and that is while free agency is going on and another big tacking point, if and when the nfl player's association will recertify itself as a union and the sticking point here is thursday. this is the most important day to keep in mind, the hall of fame game between the rams and bears scheduled for august 7th and both sides want to get that
5:47 pm
game this. and what are the many issues? >> there are four, five issues on the table and the big ones, selling the tom brady versus the nfl case and the $320 million in lost benefits from last season'sup capped year and there is still a rot of work to be done. thursday is a big day, if we can get themel ised, we'll be looking good for everything happening on time. >> thank you for the update. >> sure. >> oh. >> buzz lightyear, mr. potato head and friends may not have the choreography down. they do know how to make a splash. this team won the uk red bull flight competition and won based on distance flown, creativity, and performance. the team's motto here? toinpity and --in fen etand the pond. --in finnity and the pond. >> that was cute. >> and having fun out there. my son came home from day camp and said mommy, it was so hot.
5:48 pm
>> yup. >> i don't want to tell him it's going to get worse. >> and this is hot, it was a nice weekend and not as hom. saturday was spectacular. >> and that is great. i agree, it's awful today, hot and muggy, the heat index in the downer -- upper 90s and lower 100s. >> and the place to be? >> and wait until the end of the week. >> and look at some numbers later on and this could be the hottest in a while and if everything shapes up, there is four, five days or so that maybe we can make's few adjustments and who is better. look at how hazy that is and there is a lot of available moisture in the atmosphere and you know what? when we get hot like this and sticky, it's not going to be long and that is the the case and we go to show you what to
5:49 pm
expect and you don't see much. you can see the showers trying to pop up and that can become something bigger and better and this is the streak off of the radar and this is in the doing anything for awhile. but, up to the north and into western sections of pa and central connections, there is some showers and thunderstorms. that is coming up in just a bit and let me show you in terms of the forecast, i think we're talking about muggy at 7:00 and in for most of us, going to be dry. and that is going to feel like it's in the upper 90s and with that heat index value and there could be a shower and thunderstorm. by 9, 11:00, there is some chances with the showers and thunderstorms and we have to watch the storms coming down from the north and west.
5:50 pm
the temperatures right now, 91 the city; gaithersburg, 90; quantico, 88 and this is what happens when you factor in the humidity and that is feeling like 98 degrees here in town and felt like most of the afternoon, too and in fredericksburg, $100 degrees; winchester, 95 and that is cooler to the north and west and this is what is going on. there is a big ridge of high pressure and that is really hot out there and this hasn't budged for the last several days. what happens, the high pressures, the big domes of warm, hot air get hotter and hotter and hotter and that is what is happening. the thought here is that by the week's end, the area of high pressure was real hot and is going to come on top of us and tonight, we're in basically the troughyness of the pattern and that means when the thunderstorms form on the top of the ridge of high pressure,
5:51 pm
they drift to the south and east. the thunderstorms in central sibs of pennsylvania, and there is another line coming down to northwest ohio and we have one moving through going to this evening and another potential complex of showers and thunderstorms that might be moving through here leave night tonight and if anything, we probably end up with clouds or spotty showers or thunderstorms later on and this is what we're watching and this is going to be severe, too and overnight tonight, we'll call for a potential shower or thunderstorms and one be surprised if we get one and very, very warm. a shower with some clouds tomorrow morning, 81; you possible at noon and 88 and scattered thunderstorms tomorrow evening and some temperatures on the 90s.
5:52 pm
and that is in the upper 90s to 100 degrees and that is dry and hot and look at the numbers. that does not factor in the humidity and 103 on friday may feel like 110, 115 in places? my goodness. >> okay. >> and stay tuned. that is coming. and to the talk of the up to, charlie sheen again. harvey, we hear that charlie signed on to star in a new sitcom. tell us about it? >> reporter: well, am i allowed to do what i told you see? yes. >> and then i -- then i told you so. we told you that charlie was going -- doing the tv version of anger management and going to play the jack nicholson character and that is the case. lionsgate is going to do that and they don't have a network yet but they're going to shop
5:53 pm
around and charlie is going to play a guy who was a jock and ended up getting a degree in social sciences and is handling the people in the court system who have some anger problems and turns out that charlie has problems of his own, his character does and does this sound look a firm story? >> and also, we want to ask you about tiger woods' former mistress. she got a medical million settlement to keep quiet and what is going on with that? >> will try to do this quickly. and rachel ukatel gave back the hush money from tiger. tiger believed that she violated the confidentiality agreement by talking to tmz, even though she never mentioned him by name when on tmz live and when she went on celebrity rehab and rachel is upset. she said gloria allred's law
5:54 pm
firm, the firm representing her, strong armed her into giving the money back and kept, gloria's firm kept the attorney's fees that gloria earned and made rachel turn back hear share and now, rachel is saying wait a minute, i got bullied into doing something i shouldn't have done so rachel has hired a malpractice lawyer and may sue gloria allred to get the money back from her. >> what a twisted weave we web. let's move o. jennifer lope- marc anthony announce they're splitting up. rumors are flying j-lo is having an affair? tell us about that one. >> there are reports that she was having an affair with this very good looking guy who was in her music video. he's known as the cuban brad pitt. his people are telling us that there was nothing sexual between the two of this will, nothing even romantic between the two of them. so, really right now, we don't know. there are a lot of people speculating about this but so
5:55 pm
far, neither side is saying what caused the split. >> as far as marriages and relationships go, her and marc anthony seem like they lasted logger than any other relationship. so, we will follow that celebrity couple, too and coming up here on 6:30. thanks, has beeny. at 6, the deadline to raise the debt ceiling is about two weeks away and neither side is budging. and the focus is shifting to a bill that some lawmakers in the house are calling a distraction and we have all the details and voters in maryland, were they told to stay away from the polls on election day? david ehrlich is in the spotlight as the controversy unfolds. >> spent they were some of the unsung heros of the civil war. how a new museum is spaying -- paying tribute to african- americans forced to put their lives on the line. 
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
>> a bargain hunter's dreams gone to dust. briefly offered the ipad apple two is for $70. they call it from the reseller posting and realized the mistake, cancelled theres and funded all the money to the customers and that early the i- raising taxes versus cutting spending. those are the two issues driving the debt ceiling debate as the clock ticks toward a critical deadline. and in two weeks the u.s. could default on its loans. the lawmakers on both sides agree that the debt ceiling needs to be


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